LiveSchool Live CCTV Mobile App for preschool and daycare

Liveschool is specially designed mobile application, for your preschool and daycare needs. It’s a free communication app, with unique features for childcare industry.

How It Works

At live school, we can stream Analogue / IP cctv camera to android, web or ios devices. It’s easy to use, economical to adopt with free modules for preschools & daycares.


Register & Download App

You can use free modules just by registering your preschool & downloading the app. For configuration of live CCTV feeds just contact us.


Add Users / Parents

Create school classes & sections, add user's mobile number. Parents can download app and access the same with their mobile number.


Stay connected

Stay in touch with your clients. Share notices, foodchart, attendance and blogs. Upload images / Videos or share live CCTV feeds.


Free Preschool Communication App With Live CCTV Streaming

School Parent communication is the core of preschool success. LiveSchool App makes it easy with free communication modules & live CCTV streaming.

  • Live CCTV Feeds
  • Parent management
  • Text & image notice
  • Attendance system
  • Foodchart
  • Free to adopt
  • Whitelable solution

Manage Your Business With Free Daycare Mobile App

LiveSchool is a team of young & energetic developers, helping you to implement the services & on boarding parents to your system. It comes packed with various free modules to make daycare / crèche operations easy, for you.

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Watch the demo


Let’s give you some glimpse of LiveSchool App. Our App comes with different panels for preschool admin and parents.


- Navneet Chhabra

Owner at Sswings

We are really happy to share that the parents using the app, and are satisfied with its features & usability. We wish that you continuously work towards betterment of LiveSchool App.

- Ms. Rakhi

Founder & C.E.O., Ed-3d

I feel so safe and secured – Thanks to Camncloud. Both the product and services are just wonderful. I can monitor my house & school, with ease on app. The best part is affordable prices and support.


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Early Numbers

LiveSchool provides live video feed to parents from preconfigured CCTV cameras from preschool, daycares & crèches, while providing school control on access and content.




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